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Melody Merriweather
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21st-Mar-2006 11:08 am - Oh tomasz
my dreams
For spring break I went to Santa Fe with my mother and sister. I ate like a pig. May I recommend Baglemania if anyone is traveling that way soon. They serve brunch until 3 in the afternoon everyday, not to mention delicious bagels coffee and I mean FRESH fruit.

Last Sunday in youth orchestra we had a guest conductor. Tomasz Golka came and rehersed us and let me say, he can conduct me anytime! I have such a crush on that man. He was very stoic, and had a presence about him that commanded repsect but wasn't pig headed. Plus his accent. It was tough guy east coast mixed with a little bit of Polish. I melt.
18th-Feb-2006 11:11 am - The scenario you criminals dread
my dreams
So I'm pleasant post Steel Magnolia dreams; Dolly Parton and I are exchanging witty quips about our boyfriends, Daryl Hannah is praying Julia Roberts is dying, when I'm woken up by a sharp knock at the door [in case you don't know I normally use the backdoor, and the front door happens to open up into my bedroom/studio]. The knock seemed urgent and I thought it might be a fire or something so I listen in bed and it happens again. The second time I jump up, put on my pj pants, and ask who is at the door. "The sherrif's office!" I open the door half asleep and sure enough two large men and one women are standing there, badges blazing looking very stern. "Are you here alone?" I look around and consider telling them about the cat, but then realize they probably don't think or her as the humna that I do. "Yes" "Where is [Luis Miguel]" I can't remeber what name that actually said. "I don't know, I've been living here since August" They show me a picture of him and I can't recall ever seeing him. They ask me if they can peek into my apartment I say sure. What they see is a really pink apartment with a basket of flowers form my boyfriend, a small rose bush from laura and my humidifier humming away, as well as all my other stuff. They apologize and leave, and I am left trying to go back to sleep at six in the morning, but now I'm scared a criminal is going to try and break into his old place again. I'm had the locks changed but the doors aren't excactly made of steel.
my dreams
It's pretty much official I'm going to be a patent examiner for the USPTO. I start at the end of July. DC here I come!
21st-Dec-2005 12:36 pm(no subject)
my dreams
Most of the sounds in my apartment I attribute to the roaches but every now and thenI hear a huge bang in the kitchen and I still can't figure out what it is. It might be the frige or the window, or even a neighbor. The bang doesn't make me jump but every time it happens when I happen to have someone over they always get a little put off. I hardly even notice it now.

I've talked ot a couple of people about this but we all seem to take the same journey. I bring this up becuase my musical path has finally taken a new step.

First I listened to pop as a little girl B52's, talking heads, new kids on the block.
Then in High school there was emo/indie/rock built to spill, ATDI, tool, etc.
Later I went softer and toward jazz Sigur Ros, Rossini, The Bad Plus, Tord Gustavsen Trio
Now I've discovered hip hop thanks to Kanye West, any suggestions?
16th-Dec-2005 11:59 am - I hate amatures
my dreams
Nutcracker is a lot of fun especially becuase I'm playing the harp glissandos! I'm going to try to do a little bit of christmas shopping if I can manage to take a shower in my freezing apartment. Two days ago I finished my applications for th ejob at the USPTO in DC. I'm not sure if I want to do that anymore, I'm getting really apprehensive. Last Sunday I auditioned for the El Paso Youth Orchestra[Bach prelude to Suite 5, exerpt from William Tell, and Heberdise], Monday I played for my jury [Bach preulde to suit 5, and scales]. I'm really enjoying playing in the nutcracker except for two of the newer celists. One of them has his head so far up his own ass that he isn't listening to the other parts. This guy thinks he plays perfectly, how detremential is that? If you think you are perfect than you are never going to look for ways to improve, and if you are't doing that you are going to stay at the levelyou were at in high school. Jeesh. The other cellist on my nerves is one of those people that always has an excuse for messing up.
An observation about El Paso
Everyone acts like they're in high school. Everytime I've been ivloved in a group activity there always has to be some kind of drama. Oh I think so and so doesn't like me, I can't stand this person. It's childish and I've figured out why. I'm taking this from a musicians stand point but it applies everywhere. We all know there is a brain drain here in EL Paso and what that creates is a lack of proffesionalism. If you don't have a large set of proffesional musicians/whatevers to look up to and see how they act you end up acting like what you see. In El Paso the largest number of musicians are in High School. If there was a large number of professionals then the young would have somehtng to model themselves after, other than each other. It's the difference between professionals and amatures. Professionals can't get away with a bad attitude or bad performance, you work hard to do your part, get paid, and go home.

I'm really not that mad I just had to get that out there
7th-Dec-2005 09:33 pm - Companded
my dreams
It makes me happy when I have a full glass of water to walk around with.

Thanks, I've already been told that I'm easy to please
11th-Nov-2005 08:45 pm - Confused
my dreams
I got some good advice the other day from an old high school friend that I keep bumping into at the perfect time. There used to be a little voice in my head that would remind me how small my problems are compared to the the vastness of the universe. At some point that voice went mute, and it needs to come back. Just three more weeks and it's over, for better or worse. If I can somehow make this my mantra then everything will be ok. In a year I might even have my life worked out for a while. I don't want to be in school anymore, I want a paycheck, but I don't want to make the decision about which way to turn when I graduate. I don't know where I will be. For the first time i can be anywhere and I can't pick. I just don't know what I'm going to do.

Music still makes me happy
There are christmas lights in my kitchen
I eat oatmeal everyday and love it
My bed is nice...
my dreams
Trying to finish some studying and accomplishing a lot of surfing. This thing is dangerous, but this live Sigur Ros concert is awesome. I drank too many martini's; can't say I've ever had one before, but now that I have I see that they are the Heffevizen of the alcohol world. Oh beer, when will I ever get to have a Belhaven on tap? Ok, now I must finish because I have to wake up but early bike to school and go to a lesson, take a test, go to class, and then come home and go to sleep, or watch a movie. "What movie?" asks Robot, why In the Mood for Love. By the way Rick Fellini Film cafe is going to be showing 2047, think you're up to it?
16th-Sep-2005 03:41 pm(no subject)
my dreams
yesterday I heard gunshots all over myneighborhood. The scared little girl in me started screaming that she this was going to happen sometime. An army of people were crossing the boarder and there was going to be bad news in downtown. I made Marcus stay with me that night. He kept telling me not to worry about it, but he was out of it, and I was hearing gun fire for sure. I thought that I would be hearing about a shoot-out between the police and somebody with hostiges in a house in my neigborhood. Instead during class this morning the proffessor walks in and says "Viva Mexico." It then dawns at me that I was hearing people shoot there guns in the air, I just couldn't here them shouting Viva Mexico. Stupid little girl.
my dreams
Last weekend [Labor Day weekend] I flew to phoenix to visit Viv. I got to see a Surrealist art exhibit at the art gallery there, but other than that the trip was really lame. I don't like playing drinking games... wait.. or drinking anymore. I fly out to Phoenix to visit her and all she does is make out with her boyfriend, fight with her boyfriend, sleep, or get drunk. I might as well have stayed here.

Little roaches come out at night and it is my job to make sure they know this place is off limits.

There is a lovely breeze and Afternoon of the Fawn by Debussy is playing on my small little radio. I have a place to call my own now. It is surprisngly pink. I hope to change that this weekend. I don't have enough paint to cover all the wals but I am at least going to do a little strip near the top and some pannels. My aparetment is very strange, and infested.

Last night once I got back I hung out with Marcus and we watched "Last Life int he Universe" We didn't finish becuase I just started complaining about what a shitty friend Vivian is. After a very long and wonderful talk that went from friendship to beliefe, I woke up and didn't realize where I was. I haven't been in the same bed for more that a week in the past month. But my moving daze should are over, and I can now look forward to making a place for myself.
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